At LightSource Software we are committed to providing innovative solutions in the field of data acquisition and display. The software tools created by LightSource gather process data and display it in a user friendly form which facilitates trouble-shooting, process optimization, and meeting regulatory requirements. Each of these features, individually, and as a whole lead to educated decision making and increased profit for your company.

The Net_Data toolset (the Net_Data Servers plus the Net_Data Plotting Tools) is a multiplatform / multiprotocol client/server application that allows controlled access to process data over the network. Production and manufacturing use the toolset for real time process monitoring, monitoring critical variables, control charts, material and yield accounting and process trends. Reliability and Maintenance use the toolset to monitor equipment performance and troubleshoot equipment problems. Engineering uses the toolset for process monitoring, environmental monitoring, process optimization, process troubleshooting, six sigma optimization, business reporting, etc. The Net_Data toolset uses both industry standard interfaces (OPC® (OLE for Process Control), ODBC, OLEDB, etc.) and custom interfaces (InfoPlus.21®, Setcim®, Vantage, Infotrol, VG Lab Data, Vision Data, etc.) to meet the needs of the customer.